Sunday, June 13, 2010

The B*tch is Back!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am back! After having been gone for about, oh four months, I have decided that I need to blog again because I miss it. And this time, I'm serious!!  So let me recap what has been going on in my life since the last time we spoke.  After suffering a serious mental breakdown and being admitted to a treatment facility for major depressive disorder, I am finally feeling like myself again. Just kidding! I have just been a busy mom of a now almost 6 month old.  My son has so much personality and is grabbing things (like my necklaces), spilling drinks, drooling everywhere, and not sleeping.  Whoever said that this is the best age...LIED. No, but really, I am having fun and the best reward is seeing my son smile when I enter the room.  He also has an extremely infectious laugh, FYI.

As you have probably guessed, my commitment to 30 Day Shred only last two days.  It was hard to workout at home with a baby crying in the background; it really takes your focus off the workout. Thus, I decided to quite Jillian Michaels and join a luxury gym.  I have been pretty dedicated to working out and I even started training for a half marathon! My longest run so far has been four miles, which I am very proud of thank you very much.  And, I am back to wearing all of my normal clothes, including my jeans, and they are even a little baggy in the tush area.

So right now, I can't think of any witty things to write because I have been out of the blogging game for awhile. But stay tuned, because I have some funny stories to share! Oh, and by the way, I still love being a mom!


  1. YAY! You're back! I have missed your witty self on here!

  2. Glad to see you're back!! I can't wait to hear the stories!!